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Why Wombwork?

  • Astara 

I’d like to talk a bit about Wombwork, as I’m hearing a lot of questions circulating about who can benefit, how, and why this is even relevant to most of us.

As much as it may seem off-topic – or just downright scary – I believe it is this clearing of our conditional density which is our collective next step for light workers, energy healers, Seers, Mystics, creatives, and all the Medicine People coming into their sacred work at this time.

In fact, Gaia is calling for us to do this work now more than ever as we reclaim the Feminine Divine as a collective body and begin to recall our magical creative powers as a natural result.


On a sensory level, Womb’s primary role for us is that of imprinter of our experiences so that we may learn from them and choose better next time. Governing our hormones and emotions, Womb stores our every experience and memory in an emotion-biochemical code that determines how our DNA expresses.

This chemical coding also determines how our personalities are expressed, how we move through the world, by filtering our perception of it. Womb flags for us what is safe and not safe, especially in terms of relationships and social bonds, or anything related to our place socially. And in truth, we are all essentially walking around seeing through the lenses of our Womb Waters…the more fear we swim in, the more distorted will be our vision and perception.

This applies to all humans, as physical womb is just one expression of Womb consciousness. Men, transwomen, and women who’ve had hysterectomies are all governed by Womb just as cis-women.


Womb is meant to alarm us when we’re not safe. This is why we may experience panic when we get too close in a relationship if we felt abandoned as a child. We have “flagged” intimacy as unsafe so we create an emotional, biochemical reality that prevents intimacy, usually felt in the form of some dramatic episode that we will later regret.

Womb gets a lot of guff for this…but it’s all for our protection, of course. The problem is that our culture doesn’t have practices for Releasing once we are no longer in harm’s way and don’t need that chemical shield.

That’s what Akashic Wombwork is for.

But even more…Womb also stores all the “good” stuff. The happy, joyful memories, the triumphs – all the good-feely stuff. It is not that Womb stores trauma, but that Womb stores all memories and those memories that are most emotionally intense are most accessible and will have the biggest impact on our experience.

Additionally, Womb stores not just our memories, but we are also a walking embodiment of all the memories of our Ancestors as well.

While this gives us access to thousands of generations of talents and skills and Magics of every color, it also means that we are storing the trauma of our Ancestors as well as our own.

In fact, what my partner and I have found in our work is that these are not different, but that we are experiencing our own version of our grandmothers’ wounds…compounded over generations. And when we think about human history and the pains Womb has endured….well, let’s all take a collective deep breath here.

We have a responsibility and an opportunity now to clear for ourselves and our Grandmothers and all our Grandbabies to come. And we will find that knowing Womb is the portal to Releasing this inherited density which weighs down our energy body, drains our physical energy, manifests as ailments chronic and acute, and overall keeps us DOWN in every sense of the word!

It’s time to clear these Waters so we can SEE!

If you’re ready to get the muck out, click here to join us for the free 3-week group Akashic Womb Activation in the Wombwise Work Group starting FRIDAY, January 24th with the New Moon.

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