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Ubuntu Embodied

  • Astara 

My grandmother protested my parents’ wedding.

But she was right. I have never known the experience of fitting in or having a clan or matching family.

What she didn’t realize is that this would be the biggest blessing of my existence . . . And I believe, why my soul chose to incarnate into this body, as it allowed me to experience a life with less social script than is the norm when you fit a norm.

In fact . . . I have SEEN my soul’s choice-point to create me of 4 converging lines. One that showered down as cosmic light to meet the belly of Mother Earth, this second line like a lush green root emerging from Gaia’s core. Next I saw one line come in from the West and one from the East, each to represent the globe-span of my Ancestors coming together from vast stretches of land.

I saw the purposefulness of it in that moment and everything clicked as I saw how aligned were my body and my soul’s mission in this life: to remember and to remind us of Ubuntu…

This awareness which I’ve come to understand in my adult years is a stretch for so many, makes them scratch their scalps and cock their heads, this assumption I’ve always taken for granted.

I saw no borders until I became old enough for people to scoff at my obliviousness…

I never not knew we are One.

And this is my gift. A gift for me and my gift to the world: to remember and to remind us of the BEAUTY in our differences as the ingredients that make us ONE. ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾

(And all the rest is us just being played.)

We are not the same. We each have our own experience and influences and perception. Please don’t tell me you don’t notice my race unless you mean to assert it’s something to hide. We are distinct and that’s the point! When we see that these differences are actually what makes us whole, rather than being the Big Bad Differentness that so many of us are afraid of, that’s when we’ll take it to that next level of healing, cohesion, Heart Awareness ie: The New Earth.

It is necessary now to shed the Mister’s pyramid scheme, and the first step, imho, is to learn to embrace our differences without qualifying them.

This is what I never not knew: our differences are what make us One.

For that alone I am grateful to be born into this body.

To The New Earth & beyondddddd!


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