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Trauma Travels

  • Astara 

This can actually go on for lifetimes, generation after generation.

That’s why Wombwork.

The trauma response literally keeps us chemically in our trauma experience.

But it’s actually okay and even brilliant. It is our bodies’ way of holding onto this important memory until we can harvest it, transmute it, dissolve it into new awareness.

Where are you stuck in the past?
Do you try to redirect your mind, brush it off? Do you get stuck in the vortex and let it suck you in from time to time, maybe finding it hard to get out of bed some days?

All this is okay. We do what we gotta do as humans. But there is something else. There is listening. Embracing. And even thanking our trauma experience and our body memory of this experience.

In fact, imo, this is the only way we can move through it.

We have to feel to heal!

So, if you’re stuck somewhere . . . maybe you feel it as panic or pain . . . that is a message for you. That is crucial information for you. Information so important, your body will NOT let you forget. And even if you manage to walk on top of it all your days, your children will then get the task of sorting it out, just as you are now sorting your own parents’ shit, in your own version.

This is just how it works. Because we are not separate beings. We are a single body, as a family and beyond our blood relatives. We share and carry these memories collectively, for our collective expansion and awareness.

So rather than seeing this as a burden or a curse, we can look to these blocks with gratitude. For they are our bodies remembering for us so we can harvest that pain into peace. Pleasure. Play . . .

The human trauma response is a brilliant one. As we cultivate Sensual Fluency with the tools in the Wombwise Work Group, as we get to know the language of our bodies, we can develop the listening ears to hear our trauma response for the guidance and the guardian that it is. Then we get to let that shit goooooo!

That is why Wombwork.


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