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 *The 3Cs of Moon Blood Collection

*Harnessing your Feminine Cycle

*Reflection Prompts for Diving In

Free your mind, body, and soul by getting to know your Moon Blood as the key to your sovereignty! 

In four weeks, you will examine and rescript the bs patriarchal religious programming that's got most of us women believing we're some type of dirty - and rediscover ancient ways of self-knowledge through communion with your sacred Moon Blood.

Copy of Red Skirt Mysteries 2 (3)

What in the world could I mean by that?

I mean that your blood will set you free!

And yes, I mean that literally.

Your Moon Blood is the embodiment of the wisdom, memories, talents, experiences, and wounds of your Ancestors – and you can access all of this information to guide you through life (perspective), extend agency beyond the realms on your behalf (magic), and heal those godforsaken inherited traumas your family has been passing on generation after generation (healing).

Here are some tall claims that you will simply have to enroll to get the full explanation – because there isn’t enough SPACE on this tiny class page to undo all this programming:

Your Moon Blood is living and intelligent and can be a Guide to you with perspective far beyond your individual viewpoint.

Modern religion was created to separate you from the power of your Moon Blood (but wields it against you all the same).

Your Moon Blood is compositionally similar to breastmilk and there’s a field of scientists studying its potential to save lives!

Moon Blood is the most innate currency on the planet, the dollar was created to control it and your access to resources, and you can harness your Moon Blood anytime to “opt out” of the matrix system, because: lady magic.

Knowing your Moon Blood is knowing your self, being attuned to your inner voice, and knowing yourself as your primary authority.

We’ll get into all that  . . . plus so much more!

Hey Sistar, I’m a Sensual Fluency Educator, and it is my honor to help you remember and embody the fullness of your magic and all that you are! Come find me in the Wombwise Work Group on Facebook or hit up my inbox directly! I’m here for your questions and cannot wait to connect!

This is about reclaiming the history they burned so we’d forget who the fuck we are because:

You are the embodiment of Goddess – she who is so powerful, they wrote entire religions and economic systems to keep us away from the truth of who we are . . .

Goddess, stand in THAT!


Get the full course + all the goodies for $555 or two payments of $300.

 *The 3Cs of Moon Blood Collection

*Harnessing your Feminine Cycle

*Reflection Prompts for Diving In