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During this 60-minute 1:1 class, you'll learn how to recognize, harness, and begin shapeshifting your life into alignment with your innate feminine energetic flow.

Discover how to use the Lunar Magic Wheel to understand your unique gifts and needs during each of your FOUR YIN and FOUR YANG energetic states. Map your life according to your most natural rhythm.

You'll learn . . .

  • How to track your feminine cycle for managing your energy
  • How to recognize your "inner tides" - your eight energetic Yin and Yang states
  • How to harness the unique energy of each Yin and each Yang phase
  • The best workouts and nutrients to choose during each phase
  • The best times to plan, act, create, and divine
  • How intimacy and connection is experienced differently in each phase
  • How to harness each phase for magical purposes
  • The importance of Yin states as portals to your feminine magic
  • The importance of the marriage of Yin and Yang for full, fluid expression


1:1 class structure allows for full customization of tools and processes, as well as more in-depth exploration into the areas that are most relevant to your life and your goals.

This class is based on the full 1:1 class series, Lunar Magic: Riding the Moon Within.

The Lunar Magic Wheel Workbook will help you begin tracking your feminine rhythm for healing and magic!


Patrons book all classes and sessions at half off!