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Sensual Fluency Essentials Friday, January 20th

Birthing your WombSpace Altar

Care for your body as your baby and it will guide you as a god.

Sensual Fluency Essentials Workshop

Starting Friday, January 20th

The WombSpace Altar is the cornerstone of Akashic Wombwork. Cultivate a relationship with your Womb and begin to learn the language of your Body for healing & manifestation.

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laying the bones

How to birth your WombSpace Altar to life – the essentials.

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Your WombSpace altar is a doorway to your Womb Wisdom.

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Resume your seat at the throne of your divinity.

Birthing your WombSpace Altar

Two part series: Create your WombSpace Altar & anchor into your newborn sacred space with a Guided Trancework Journey.

Why Womb clearing is essential, symptoms of toxification, tools for reclaiming your Womb Wisdom.

Getting to know the Womb as your primary Guide, the magic of commitment, attention, mindfulness & tlc.

Womb clearing is a lifestyle built around devotion and honoring your commitments to your Womb.

2-part online workshop series to help you birth your WombSpace Altar and deepen into your Womb clearing journey.

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Workshop I

Birthing your WombSpace
$ 55
  • Workshop I
  • eBook

Parts I & II

Two 120-minute workshops
$ 75
  • Workshop I
  • Journey
  • eBook


Parts I&II + 1:1 session
$ 211
  • Workshop I
  • Journey
  • eBook
  • 1:1 Session

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I've been working with most of my Partners (aka clients) for 1.5 - 5 years. Check what happens with ongoing commitment...


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