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Unlock your genetic potential Reclaim your Ancestral gifts

Explore pathways for cultivating Sensual Fluency

Care for your body as your baby and it will guide you as a god.

Trancework for Creatives: with Astara


Trancework to transmute trauma into art that heals & inspires social change – in partnership with 13MOONS Magazine.

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Meet with Astara 1:1 for Guided Trancework to access your body memory & release trauma.

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Translate your session experiences into artwork that heals, with option to publish in 13MOONS Magazine.

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community for creatives

Your partnership links you with an entire community of creatives & others dedicated to a healing journey.

Trancework for Transmuting Trauma

Schedule time to explore ongoing Trancework partnerships or experience for yourself with an Akashic Womb Assessment.

What happens in a session...

In all sessions we surrender to what is needed most at the time of meeting. During our time together, we may experience any or all of the following:

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I connect with Cosmic Womb to relay Akashic information from your Body Intelligence. These are great for assessments and making plans for longterm healing.

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Using images and certain vocalizations, I help you access altered aspects of your awareness to connect with your Body Intelligence and beyond.

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This space is used to integrate Akashic information with the conscious mind into your everyday experience to avoid fragmentation and the muggle struggle.

Inside My Journey:

Come get cozy...

Sensual Fluency Partnerships

Our journey together will be an intuitive process of Surrender to our Guides, and within this trust, we may integrate and explore any of the following modalities:

We'll focus on the basics of cultivating a relationship with your body and getting to know all your feels as Guides.

The foundational Wombwise tools - Trancework for clearing womb trauma and reclaiming Ancestral gifts.

This system will help you harness your feminine energy cycle to create your most aligned life - cyclical living.


90-day plan
$ 555
  • Six sessions
  • Chat support
  • 3 mthly pmts


Ongoing Monthly Subscription
$ 444
  • Two sessions/mo
  • Chat support
  • Best value
Best value


Foundational Pathway
$ 500
  • Twelve sessions
  • Chat support
  • 6 mthly pmts

See you @ Speakeasy for censorship-free conscious creative community!

What They Said...

I've been working with most of my Partners (aka clients) for 1.5 - 5 years. Check what happens with ongoing commitment...


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