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Sessions with Astara

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Everything real that you need, you’ll find within.

It is not my job to preach, even if I may get excited about what I uncover along my own journey… (I practice everything I teach!)

The women I work with are strong, powerful, brilliant, confident, well-studied, independent, and deeply spiritually centered. I know it is not my place to tell you who you are, but it is my purpose to help you see your power and to provide tools and maps – downloaded directly from Womb – that will help you access your own deepest Medicine and Magic.

In particular, I often work with Womb and the Ancestors. At no conscious choice of my own, I believe I have been called to speak through and for both Womb and the Ancestors as part of my role to help facilitate this collective shift we’re now experiencing as we Expand into Heart Centered Awareness. Some call this The New Earth.

This is because, at this time, Earth is calling us to Release our lower vibrational densities – or the MUCK, as I like to call it – so that we may be clear to embody fifth dimensional awareness – unity and unconditional love. This is our Expansion into The New Earth. This is the Ubuntu I am here to help call us back to. ❤

These lower vibrational densities – this MUCK – is essentially the concentration of hormonal fear-energy, a warning-flag in the genetic code to help prevent the repeated experience of dangerous situations, imprinted there for our safety by our Ancestors.

Every time something dangerous or traumatic happened to an Ancestor – all the way back to when we were a single-celled organism – it is written within our genetic code. This is simply the process of evolution happening. Life learns from its experiences and what it experiences, it learns (retains) by imprinting it right into the genetic code. In fact, our DNA is the accumulation of all our Ancestral experiences – our Ancestral memory expressed as our own unique code.

Over generations, we accumulate these flags in our genetic code, which essentially keeps us turned on in fight-or-flight mode and locks down certain genes – literally limiting our expression and dulling our shine!

We cannot Expand into Heart Center without Releasing these densities because they filter our Heart vibration with fear energy.

These are the conditions we’ve inherited from our Ancestors, our body memory, our genetic code, conditions which caused trauma and imbalance our Ancestors never had the opportunity to clear or heal from. They had to just keep going. Keep on keepin on…

And so here we are today, most of us riddled with inherited trauma literally weighing us down.

Some people feel this is a burden, or that the Ancestors are to blame for this weight. But they are not. They were simply the result of their conditioning, having lived a time when there was no real understanding of trauma or self-care, or for many cultures, even quality conscious parenting.

But we have the tools now. And the opportunity. And no matter how limited we may feel, we have freedoms our Ancestors could never dream of! All of us.

And so, for whatever reason, Womb and the Ancestors have called on me, transmitted this information to me, and have asked for my help. They’d like me to commit my life to this clearing work for myself and to develop tools and processes, pathways and maps for you to do the same. Because this is how the Expansion will happen and it won’t happen until we do this.

There is no place in The New Earth for the densities humanity now harbors within, deep in our cellular memory, limiting us and locking us down in fear vibration. We must be willing to look into these deep spaces so that we may Release that which chains us.

Womb told me: our DNA is a portal to the Cosmos. Everything “out there” is written and accessed right there in that genetic code. She’s given me secrets to unlock these codes in myself, in you, in all humans, for all of us – for Gaia – so that we can Expand into our next level up – 5th dimensional, Heart-Centered Awareness!


P.S. In the article above, I talk about our inherited trauma. But I also love to go on about our inherited Magic! Have a listen here on YouTube

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