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Akashic Support for Cellular Healing

Guidance from Cosmic Womb to help you release old patterns, break free of generational cycles and curses, free yourself of abundance challenges, and cultivate the life of your desires.

Ancestral Clearing

We are made of the memories of our Ancestors. This means we embody their unresolved trauma, and we can also access anything they’ve mastered! Cellular clarity comes down to releasing the densities in your body so that you may shine as the star you are!


Sensual Fluency

To stand in the full of our power, we must cultivate a lived and dynamic relationship with our bodies. Sensual Fluency is understanding the language of our bodies,  recognizing our bodies as a cell of Gaia herself, and also recognizing Gaia as a cell of the Cosmos.


Purpose Alignment

As EarthStars, we come to this planet for a purpose. Embodying our soul mission can be exhilarating and it can be terrifying! Our work will focus on aligning with that deeper part of you – the part of your soul that sings just for being alive to sing. You are a star, after all…


“Astara is such a Beautiful Soul with a heart of gold who gives her all to help others. I am grateful that our paths have crossed. I recommend her services to anyone.”

~ Jennifer O.

Express Yoself!

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Initiation into the Lunar Mysteries: 28-day prompt journal

Igniting your inner Creatrix as a pathway to connect with your Feminine Magic!

This workbook includes

  • 28 days of provocative reflection & inspiration
  • Five journal prompts each week
  • Built in rest days
  • Daily Cycle Tracker
  • 1 weekly “IRL” hands-on activity
  • 3 Trancework Hypnosis Journeys
  • Goddess-inspired coloring images
  • Tons of blank space
  • 2020 Moon Calendar
  • + Free group support in the Wombwise Work Group

This book will qualify you for all advanced Trancework eCourse prerequisites.

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Inspiring Sensual Fluency

By reconnecting women

With the wisdom of the Womb

And the rhythm of the Earth

To stir within

The Wild Feminine

So that we may Remember

How to Live Magic . . .

~ Astara Solae