Cousins by Mira Ginevra

That she saw through her eyes -back Then
What I can through mine

Cousins, she and I
That ‘wild nights’ poet from the past
Or is it my past?
-My past life
At least
– One of them I mean
Was I her
-there, then?
Is she me
-here, now?
I’m not sure
– Anymore
I mean I think that I’m me
Pretty sure that I was
I can’t decide now
Which is it –
What are we?
– Both, now.. then..
Are we together?
– the same
Are we just cousins
– in time?
From her to me
There are Seven
Seven separations
-What should be gaps
Seven distinctions in the line
We are as connected,
In thought,
That I swear
-She is me
-I am her
From Then
That it’s ‘We’ that is here
-Now, both in my flesh
We are one
-and the same
Just cousins
-by Seven
Through me is her
-Just moved forward in time
That she saw through her eyes -back Then
What I can through mine
And this reason I have in asking
I do have one,
-The who what when where and why of my question, is
-Really important
You see,
It’s ..
If she saw what she did
Back then and now me..
And I’ve seen what I have
Now, plus all of her..
The question remaining
Once all the thoughts settle, is
What will that cousin behind me by Nine see?!

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