This e-book sampler of a full-length collection explores the Mulatto identity and what that experience says about race relations in America today.  It is a journey that illustrates how a Mulatto identity can help us work toward a Collective identity and an Ubuntu-infused society.



A sample of the full length collection by the same title, this eBook version of the chapbook has some additional features, including full color original artwork.

“A person cannot be half one and half another; a person can only be a person: One. Whole. Person.”

Table of Contents
  • Our Tragedy
  • I Am Mulatto
  • Silenced
  • On “Mulatto”
  • Disclaimer
  • I Am a Bridge
  • Cinnamon Curls
  • I Am My Mother’s Second Chance
  • My Raging Black
  • The Root
  • Imaginary Borders
  • Ubuntu Is

What are people saying about Mulatto: Not for Sale?

“I read it as soon as I got home, loved it, thoughtful, evocative, well written, thank you for being you.” CH, Wyoming, MI

Silenced speaks so deeply and effectively to the ugly history of the word Mulatto…  It acknowledges the chains by which society binds us…. The institutionalized racist reactions that are the automatic response from a programmed society…” AJ, Chicago, IL

“Sarah Asia lays bear the truth of her Mulatto experience, showing us the raw reality of her life.  This work, a selection of poems, essays, and spoken word pieces, highlights the evolution of her being and understanding of what it means to bridge two worlds, but feeling part of none.  Do not read this book unless you are ready to have your illusions shattered and bubbles burst.  You will never look at the “multiracial” experience the same way again.” NA, Grand Rapids, MI

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