if you can imagine living to...

  • favoriteheal
  • favoritecreate beauty
  • favoriteflow in sync with Natural Law
  • favoritefeel well
  • favoriteinter-relate well
  • favoritedefine life on your own terms
  • favoritehonor beautiful loving boundaries
  • favoritelearn to BE Love
  • favoriteemanate Gratitude
  • favoritewalk Grace
  • favoriteown your falls as valuable Guidance
  • favoriteHonor your Womb
  • favoriteLove your body like it’s your baby
  • favoriteforgive your trespassers
  • favoriteenjoy being alone
  • favoritedance naked
  • favoriteeat well without trying
  • favoritemove your body in nourishing ways because it feels good
  • favoritehave smokin’ hot sex
  • favoritea lot
  • favoritealso alone
  • favoritesleep well
  • favoritesing a lot…even if you sound like a bullfrog
  • favoriteattract awesome new friends
  • favoriteexperience a new level of love
  • favoritehave happy (almost cheesy) mental tapes #onrepeat #allday
  • favoritenaturally emanate compassion
  • favoritewake up excited
  • favoritealign with your dream Work
  • favoriteknow you are your own authority
  • favoritecatch yourself switchin’ when you walk
  • favoritefeel sexy
  • favoriteown your power
  • favoriteuse your magic for good
  • favoriteunderstand the synergistic effect of Service to others
  • favoriteknow how you’re here to Serve
  • favoriteTrust the process of expansion even when it feels like death (‘cause it is)…
  • favoriteknow YOU
  • favoriteif that’s your thing and all…


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