Frequently Asked Questions


What is Sensual Fluency?

Sensual Fluency is mastery of the language of the body via the senses.


How do you teach Sensual Fluency?

Laughing Goddess helps to bridge the disconnect between you and your body that is often a natural result of growing up in a Western patriarchal culture.


Why Sensual Fluency?  

Our bodies are encoded with the Wisdom of all our Grandmothers since the beginning of time.  This is not a metaphor, but simply a function of evolution.

As we connect to this Wisdom, we are liberated from the psychological imprisonment of patriarchy.  We rediscover our true nature as magical beings, and we step into our personal power as sovereign humans.

When we understand our nature–and the nature of all things–as energy, we can cultivate, harness, and wield this energy, as we please, to create life on our own terms.


What is magic and what does that have to do with Sensual Fluency?

Magic is the natural result of living Sensual Fluency.

The act of cultivating, harnessing, and wielding energy with a directed purpose is itself magic.  Sensual Fluency is your how, the bridge between feeling like life happens to you and consciously co-creating life on your own terms.

Your body is your bible.  Through it, you can access the limitless knowledge of the Cosmos…  This awareness will become second nature to you as you develop Sensual Fluency.


With whom would I be co-creating?  This isn’t some ‘deal with the Devil’ type stuff, is it? 

All humans are magnets. 

And all humans attract the complement of their current psychology. 

That’s important.  Lets dig…

Psychology: the way you see your world, the lens through which all your experiences are filtered, your internal rationalization system.

By default, we become our psychology.  That is our vibrational frequency.  That is our inner experience, and that is what we emit, so it overlaps into our outer experience as well.

For example: I am not enough.  There is something wrong with me.  I am unlovable.

These are vibrations, specific resonances.

Most of us are driven by one or a few of these root frequencies due to unresolved early trauma.

Almost all of us are walking around processing and emitting everything we experience through these frequencies.

Therefore, an interference pattern is created and experienced as either harmony or disharmony with our external environment.

Collectively, this creates our experience.  Our experience is our co-creation.


Now think of a murmuration.  We, too, are lifted by this collective movement, this momentum, and we are also at mercy to forces, like the wind, that are far bigger than are we.


No, you are not signing a deal with the Devil.  You are learning to work with the energy patterns and behaviors and momentum of the world around and within you.

This is living magic.


What’s this got to do with patriarchy?

Western patriarchy has created a culture where we unconsciously demonize all things natural and all things feminine.  Eve is blamed for the fall of man.  Sex is bad.  Getting dirty is bad.  Saying “pussy” is bad.  Pagans are bad.  Showing your skin is bad.

We’ve been cut off from everything that links us to our inner–read: Divine–power.

^^^ Please take a moment to drink that in, because you must swallow it to be initiated into Powerhood.

Let me say it again: we have been cut off from everything that links us to our Divine power.

This is not in the least accidental, and there were times when we would have had access to this awareness and information.

If we trace back our human and our cultural roots, we will see our journey begin to shift from one which is Earth-centered, that is, working with the land and the world around us to sustain ourselves (Sensual Fluency), to one which saw nature as something to conquer, to harvest, to exploit, to pound and to push, to suck and suck until, literally, the ground is left barren.

I don’t know about you, but this kinda sounds like the experience of the typical modern Western woman to me…

Sistars, this is not about seventy cents to every dollar.

This is about rape culture being normal culture, “health care” being an industry, and the fact that we are the only developed nation that isn’t required to provide its Mothers with paid maternity leave!

This is about the fact that the vast majority of our time and energy goes into working to make the 1% richer and then we turn around and put the majority of it right back in the 1%’s pockets.

At what cost to us?

To our families?

Patriarchy defines our lives as worker bees, cogs and soldier-birthers, subordinate to military and legal authority with agendas that couldn’t give a fuck less about our personal welfare.

With Sensual Fluency, you will see right through this psychological enslavement, and you will know how to wield the tools to pivot your way into any life you wish to create.


Ummm…I’m not into that religious stuff…what do you mean by “Divine,” anyway?

Our Divinity is the infinite aspect of us, as distinguished from our temporary selves, our personality, our ego, our physical body, etc.

Your Divine aspect enlivens or animates your temporary aspect.

You are your Divine aspect experiencing through your temporary aspect.

When these guys work together, magic happens!  😉

(Sensual Fluency teaches this, too.)


What religious or spiritual tradition is Laughing Goddess coming from?

This quote may help us, “Science is spirit revealed.”


(More coming soon. <3 )


Do I need to be a certain religion to resonate with the material of Laughing Goddess?

Nope.  I mean…I’m being as real with you as possible, so if any of this resonates for you, we’re good.

If I sounded like an alien, you probably wouldn’t have made it this far into the document.  😉

But if you have, even if just for curiosity: leave now!

This is sacred space and I refuse to wear a filter here.  No apologies.  …as weird as shit may get…

I encourage each of you to find a sacred space in your life where you can do the same.  Find at least one place where you can speak in the full of your strength, no pussy-footin around to protect people’s insecurities.  Own it, Sistar, even if it’s only in your tiny car with the windows up as tight as possible (…to start 😉 ).

Laughing Goddess is my that, that sacred space.  (Them masks done messed up my goddess-brows for too long…)

So do you need to be a certain religion or blah-di-blah?  No…but for damnitallsake, in the spirit of Laughing Goddess, be YOU here if nowhere else!


Is Sensual Fluency about feeling sexy and having great sex?  

These are some really really fun benefits of living Sensual Fluency, but sex is just one kind of sensual experience.  In our culture, we tend to think of “sensual” and “sexual” as synonymous, but sensuality is about the senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, sound), and sexuality is specifically about…sex and sexuality–which, if we’re lucky, can be a super sensual experience.

Sensuality is anything you can experience with the senses, and in fact, this is the only way we can interact with the world around us.  Our sensuality is–our senses are–the bridge between our inner world and our outer experience.

That said, sex and sexuality are a big part of living Sensually Fluent.

For one, Sensual Fluency absolutely requires we face, challenge, and commit to resolve our sexual trauma, however severe (history of rape) or subtle (unconscious belief that sex is dirty).

What’s more, sex is creation, and when we are Sensually Fluent, we understand that sexual energy is the same energy that drives us to create an oil painting or compose a piece of music.  Energy itself is sexual energy and sexual energy is just energy itself.  Our Western patriarchal conditioning has separated these concepts in our minds, but they are not at all separate.

…the fun part is that our bodies are wired to cultivate, harness, and direct this energy for potent magical manifestation.  (HINT: Which is why all this is suppressed information…)

Sensual Fluency will provide you with the tools to wield your Divine sensuality to create a life on your own terms.


I love you, Laughing Goddess!  How do we get started?!  

Muahahahaha!  The first step is to schedule a time to connect by phone or chat for an initial consult.


Tell me more about the initial consult.

I offer a 30-minute phone or chat conversation as a way for us to connect and see how we could work together.  During this conversation, you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the process.  We will also discuss what you would like to take way from a Partnership with Laughing Goddess, and we’ll talk about what may look like for us.

This initial consult is free.


How much are the Laughing Goddess Partnership Packages?

Prices are different based on the Partnership Package.

Payment plans, as well as limited bartering may also be available.

We will discuss these details during our initial consultation.

You may also browse the Laughing Goddess Partnership Packages here.


What is the time commitment for the Laughing Goddess Partnership Packages?

Each Partnership Package starts with a three-month commitment which can be extended in 6-week increments thereafter.

When you sign on with Laughing Goddess, you sign on to show up for yourself.

Every woman and every life is different, so this commitment will be different for everyone.  However, together we will develop a personalized commitment and it is expected that you honor this as sacred.

For instance, we may look at your life and compare it with your goals for the Laughing Goddess Partnership and decide you could dedicate 30 minutes three days/week to this Work.  Once that commitment is agreed upon, you are expected to show up.  This is of utmost importance to the Partnership, because to the degree that you can show up for this Partnership, you can show up for yourself.  This is the practice.

So the question is:  how much time are you willing to invest in YOU?


I’m not sure which Laughing Goddess Partnership Package is right for me.  How do I choose?

We’ll discuss this during our initial consult.  You can schedule directly into your Google Calendar here.


What is the structure of the program?

This varies for each Laughing Goddess Partnership Package.

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How do I learn more about you and what “psychology” you’re coming from?  😉  

Check the blog

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Wield the power of your divine sensuality.

Magic is like any medium and can, in fact, be used for good or for harm.

For me, it is a sacred responsibility to pass on this knowledge to only those mindhearts who deeply understand the consequences of working against anything, and the abundance that responds to any endeavor which is genuinely meant to heal or to Serve.

Sensual Fluency is a means for reconciling psychological “splinter soldiers” to integrate the mind and body and align the infinite and temporary, the human and the Divine, to empower a being of balance, compassion, and reverence for the sacredness of Life.

A Dedication

A Dedication

It hit me while I was in “car-line” to pick up my son after school.

The ugly cry.

Just then, one of my close friends, whose daughter also goes to the school, walked by.  Before she could see me, I slumped my soaked, purple face low in my seat so I wouldn’t have to explain myself.

How could I explain this?

It hit like what I’ve come to call Astara, a sudden and uncontrollable flood of Knowing.  I did not yet have human words to understand, let alone describe what I’d just received…


Let me back up.


On Christmas Day in 2015, almost two years before this writing, my housemate took a gun to her head with her baby in her arms and pulled the trigger.

They were found the next day by a couple strolling the woods.  

The baby girl, just three years old, but with the mind of a five-year-old, stayed on her Mama’s cold body the whole night, and when she saw the couple approaching that next morning, she quickly alerted them to the car that held her 5-month-old baby brother.


Early Christmas morning, I heard sobs outside of my door in our shared hallway.

It was Sasha.

It was Christmas.

My parents were on their way and I was scrambling in a frantic fervor to prepare.

I had become accustomed to hearing her cry and I decided I would finish what I was doing and bring her holiday gift over in a bit to see what’s up.

When we went to deliver the gift, the last photos I’d snapped of her…she was already gone.


On a personal level, this was the crescendo to my Rupture Year.  It was the final detonation that blew me out.

To this day, I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that her finger actually pulled the trigger…and that she wanted that to happen.  And there was a time when I just couldn’t get over the dissonance of it–the sheer nonsensical-ness of it, especially the involvement of the children, to the point that function outside of the “flashbacks” felt impossible…

I developed PTSD and was off of work for three months, but was sick for much longer.  I struggled to care for my son alone, with my predominant support living 2,000 miles away and my father having passed just two months prior.  

I now realize that what we often call PTSD is just a heightened sensitivity of perception.  I have not only learned to heal from the dysfunction of it, but to wield it as a superpower!  It enhances my magic by attuning me to my sensory experience, and the journey through the dysfunction of it helps me to understand the countless others who develop PTSD or other trauma disorders, like Sasha…


I am now, safely, in a place that feels like “full circle.”

And this brings me back to that ugly cry, sunken in my car in the pick-up line after school.

In all my moments of clarity, of lucidity, what drove me through the debilitation of it all was knowing that I would find a way to help Sasha, in all her many forms, as the women who reached out in droves after her death…in mourning, in shock, in fear, and with too many of their own stories of the postpartum psychosis that lead to Sasha’s death…and especially…all of those who never reach out at all…

In desperation I cried out for a Way, and the echo of my conviction has since reverberated through my skull and synchronistically paved a path for me to create this portal of healing, this path of Service…through Laughing Goddess.

That ugly cry in the car that day is because I realized that she, Laughing Goddess, is a creation of mine and Sasha’s together…

I feel a part of her consciousness working through me, perhaps, endowing me with the understanding to support Women, Mothers–human beings–by having seen through her eyes.  

…and in seeing how deeply we all suffer the loss of the Mother, the empowered Wild Woman who knows her magic and wields it wisely and in alignment with Life, like the fierce Mama Bear we all sometimes have to be for our babies…and for our selves…

Sasha had this fierceness in her.  It came out here, startlingly, while I stood behind a camera one day…

But that is not how she walked the world…and the pain of that prison, I believe, is what killed her.

I have since forgiven myself for missing my window of opportunity to “save” her on that particular day.  I was living my own Rupture, barely surviving myself, hardly able to help her beautiful soul…though I certainly tried…  This conviction and this business come not from guilt, but from devotion to All the Sashas, and to the humans that need us–the Women and the Mothers–to be well and strong and bloody and broken anew and cleansed and supported and fed…so we can do our Work here on this planet.

That’s all Sasha wanted…

The Restoration of Woman as a biofeedback mechanism of Gaia, and of humanity, will “save” the planet and the life on it.

I have made this my Life’s Work, largely for Sasha’s nudging and paving, guiding me like the hawk leads the explorer through terrain far more vast than our tiny minds could fathom, much less See…

As my way of reciprocating the generosity of the force that lived on Earth as Sasha Naomi, a percentage of profits generated by Laughing Goddess will go to create a scholarship to help women attend INNATE Postpartum Care–Certification Training.  Take a look at how this family is “healing humankind by tending through the postpartum period” based on a “holistic system of care, based on women’s physiologic design.”  (Direct donation button coming soon.)  For now, visit the main site here to discover why I feel so passionate about supporting this Work.  As of this writing, I have just booked my flight to complete the training in Brooklyn, New York!

Folks, this is the stuffs of taking back our planet…

May we have the strength of perspective to respond and not react to the tragedies of life.  <3

Laughing Goddess Emerges

Laughing Goddess Emerges

Truth be told, ladies…I just ended up here…

I made a commitment a couple of New Years’ back.  In fact, it was the same year I lost everything, including my mind.

I had to sit in a dark, unheated apartment alone for New Year’s Eve, unexpectedly–all of it.  Single and in desperate-mode, trying to force things to work with my ex, realizing the stark distance between us that I couldn’t see without the echoing chill of that empty apartment grating in my ears.

And that was before I lost everything.

After plenty o’tantrum, I decided to make ritual of it.

Something felt different about this year.  I decided instead of writing intentions, I would burn every intention I’d ever written. I had a jar of them, in fact.  I burned them all and buried the ashes in the ice-hard soil in front of my home.  Years of wishes and prayers collected on New Moons and other cycle initiations along the way, scorched and sewn into The Great Belly.  I thanked them but let them know I released them all.

I awoke the next morning feeling refreshed and with only ONE commitment in my heart for the new cycle:


That’s it.  I commit to make the space to meditate.  To check in with me.  To be present with me.  To care for me.   

And whatever happens from there, happens.  No intentions.  No resolutions.  No great plans.

I wrote this with my fingers in the steamy bathroom mirror that first morning of 2015:


I have discovered since then, the great power of living this balance of commitment to Alignment and Surrender to what shows up.  

First, once you make the space, the rest unfolds.  There is never a need to figure anything out, never a need to fix anything.  Just make the space.  To listen.  To feel.  To be here.  Breathe.  In.  Now out.  This is all we need.  

Then we listen.

But life happens, this we know.  Sometimes it can feel like it happens before we catch up with it.  When we find ourselves losing our way, feeling like we’re going astray (we never are), needing to reset, etc, again: commit to make the space.  Go back to zero if need be.  Just sit with yourself.  Trust this space.  Know that from this space there are infinite pivot points and here, we have access to them all.  You don’t need any hows.  Just start here:  


This little gem can help us master the delicate dance of Surrendering to Synchronicity.  That is, not defining our future, which is limiting, but moving forward based on the opportunities which align with our experience as we move in passion and integrity.  This is the path of least resistance, and we will find far greater opportunities, resources, capabilities, and levels of abundance when we Surrender in this way.

As we follow these synchronicities, the Divine Red Carpet rolls out before us.  We don’t need to roll it out.  We don’t need to tell it where to go.  We just walk.  In full confidence that the Carpet will continue to roll out.  And as we sink into this Trust, our strut grows deeper along with our possibilities, our potential, and our power.

And this is how I ended up here today, not quite three years later.

In between then and now, I lost everything I knew, including my own sanity…and then suddenly found myself reset exactly in the middle of everything I had ever dreamed, my “perfect” life.  (But that’s a story for another time…)

I realized everything I felt as pain that year was part of the “Rupture” I asked for when I planted those intentions into the ground.  They were a bomb whose denotation blasted over the course of the year, and they blew out everything that was caked in between my conscious self-image and my innate self-image–my living awareness of who I really am.

And to pull it all together…so orchestral, as a magical life often is, as I spoke publicly in this natural voice, louder and stronger over time, even as I became more and more WEIRD (counter-culture), people and opportunities were drawn to me: my synchronicities.  Women asked for my mentorship.  Money arranged itself so that I could quit my job and serve them full time.  Friends offered work trades that provided me with thousands of dollars of services I wouldn’t have otherwise invested in to help me open up my practice.  I found new and dormant talents in myself that help me enhance the Services I can provide and how I can provide them… 

Things I could never have planned for consciously.

I am here because this is the way I’ve been shown to Serve you, to Serve my family, and to Serve the Collective.  This is where I ended up on the other side of Surrender.

As I learned to Listen in this space, I was shown that I am here to Remember who we are beyond our social and parental conditioning, and to Remind us of Ubuntu, the awareness that everything in existence is part of One Body, one living organism.  This is what is revealed to me as I cultivate Sensual Fluency.

You, too, will Remember your truth as you develop Sensual Fluency, mastery of the language of the senses; it is your bridge back to who you really are.

Laughing Goddess is designed to help you reunite with your innate self through your body, your temporary self, so that you may see it is the map, the portal, and the knowledge-well of your infinite self.

Do you know who you are?

Most of us cannot answer this without reflexively listing off our social roles and responsibilities.  But we are much more than that.  We are more than our upbringing, the things we learned as children, consciously or unconsciously.  We are more than the beliefs of our time, our country, and our religious community.  We are more than the things that happen or happened to us.

As I tell my son, only You are You.  The rest is just your platform.  😉

Laughing Goddess is designed for those Wild Women ready to brave the unwritten–the juicy, unpredictable, untamed, ravenous, power of our deeper Womanselves–because here is our Magic–our sovereignty, our Joy, and our Truth!

I’m here because I get off on this Work and it fulfills my self-gratifying fantasies of helping to take the planet back from the 1%…maybe even while donning a fuchsia cape and a crown of quartz…

But essentially, I’m here because I love you.  I love humans.  I love Life.  I love me.  I want us to thrive.  And as I believe Women are the Way to restore balance to the planet, I lend my life to the task of helping to make it so…because that’s what my body tells me to do.

Where would your body take you?