Our cultural obsession with drama–in entertainment, relationships, etc–
is a reflection of living without purpose and passion.

Humans need stress (drama) to grow. Stagnation atrophies.

Instinctively, we thirst for struggle, for pain, drama, challenge…stress. Because this is what stimulates growth. It is our nature to seek this contrast.

However, because we are a slave-nation, our attention goes to slave-nation distractions…obsessions with professional sports and reality television, for example, shopping: the accumulation of things for its own sake…

The only excitement we can contrive from our lives is from collecting stuff and fighting with each other. We literally create entire hour and a half-long commercials that we call movies, just to watch people fight with each other with fancy special effects.

This is completely a reflection of being a slave-nation and living out of slave-mentality. We are dependent on such things to FEEL ALIVE because we have no sense of purpose to pour into anything constructive. Indeed, we have no sense of personal power, because we have no sense of purpose to pour into

This can manifest in the form of celebrity worship, whereby we stalkerishly attach to the lives of others simply because we’ve seen them in a movie or something. This is a reflection of lack of personal identity, a lack of understanding who we are.

The liberated human diverts attention from these candied distractions and invests in constructive, creative endeavors.

At our best, the stress we crave can be played out in perpetual personal expansion, contributing to the world, healing the life on this planet…or just plain expressing ourselves from our depth as artists, maybe. Who knows–it’s all up to us as individuals. But we are so so so much more than celebrity gossip and abusive top chef competitions. These things exist only to keep us placated, and we crave them only because we don’t know who we are and we are not pouring into anything constructive.

By all means–indulge in the candies of modern life with moderation….but know that if this is ALL you have to get off on in life, something is majorly amiss….